WATA devices or power supply failure

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1. Describe in detail how you noticed that the device was not working: *

2. Did you follow all instructions in the user manual, did you repeat the procedure to check that all was correctly done? YES/NO *

3. Did you check the water temperature at the beginning of the production? If yes, which was the temperature (degrees)? *

4. When the device was connected to the electric socket for the first time, did you see the bubbles in the production bottle? If not, did you check that all electrical networks were properly working? Did you connect the device as recommended in the user's manual? Please describe: *

5. Have you checked that the current flows between the transformer and the WATA device? YES/NO *

6. What was the current (in amps/amperes) when the WATA was placed in the concentrated salt water? *

7. Did you connect the device to a different power supply that the one sent with the device? If so, why and what was the result: *

8. How many productions did you effectuate before the failure of the device? How many times per week do you use the device? *

9. Which is the sodium hypochlorite solution volume that you produce and how long does it takes to produce it? *

10. The production attained a concentration of 6g/L of sodium hypochlorite every time? If not, please explain: *

11. How often and how do you clean the device? Please describe: *

12. Did you try to open or fix the WATA device? If yes, how and what result did you obtain? Please describe: *

13. Do you have any other comments that might help us to better understand the reason for the device failure? If yes, please explain:

1. Please explain what exactly happened and how did you notice that the power supply was not working: *

2. Did you connect the power supply directly to an electrical network, to a solar panel or to a generator? *

3. Did you use a voltage regulator? YES/NO *

4. Did the power supply turn on when you connected it? YES/NO *

5. Did you use the recommended voltage? YES/NO *

6. Did you try to open the power supply box? If yes, how and what result did you obtain? Please describe: *

7. Where do you place the power supply during the production? on the floor, near to the production bucket (distance in cm), in a separate room? Please describe: *

8. There is enough ventilation in the room where the production takes place? *